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Exotic Trips Without an Agent

Consumer spending trends have shifted dramatically in the last 30 years. Instead of spending on high end clothing, pricey cars, and expensive real estate, an entire generation instead finds value in sharing and capturing memories through experience. Since 1987, the portion of U.S. consumer spending on live experiences and events has increased by a whopping 70%. This means that consumer expenditures are being devoted to things like shows, concerts, and most significantly in this case study, travel. The founders of Traveloti sought to create a platform that would capitalize on this trend as well as fill a gap in the travel market. Instead of the cookie cutter, mass produced tourism options, they wanted to build a platform where travelers could easily find, customize, and book travel experiences that have been carefully curated by travel experts. They wanted to provide unique, authentic experiences for travelers, moving traditional travel options towards a more emotional and personal level of transformative travel.

Building More Than a Website

The founders of Traveloti came to Devshop with their idea for a business to consumer travel platform. Their objectives were to reach consumers with solid content provided by travel expert and engage users to create and book more travel arrangements. They wanted to create a platform that was highly usable, with easy to search options to qualify the available trips. In addition, Traveloti wanted to grow the conversation and interaction between travel agents and travelers to provide a more unique experience. Through the initial stages of development, Traveloti and Devshop worked together to hash out the initial concept. We assisted Traveloti by looking at the business from a tech perspective to construct a more efficient business model. This was done by extensively conducting market research and a search and analysis process to determine competitors in the space, which ultimately led Devshop to recommend the B2B route that Traveloti now operates with. Together, we created a roadmap and a features list that would make up the initial project. We decided to build the platform on rails with an entire custom ecommerce platform, as well as a custom CRM system for travel agent use on the website. Because of our preliminary planning, Traveloti was equipped to roll out new products beyond the initial MVP, and has now grown into a large scale platform to aid in B2B travel accommodations.


Where The Realtionship Went

When Traveloti approached Devshop, they already had a fantastic foundation on which to build. What they needed was assistance - the concept was there but needed to develop to the point where it could be a successful and functioning business model. The client was able to work with Devshop to create a logical, functional platform for Traveloti users. Together, we were able to build out an improved online experience for travelers to explore booking options, destinations, and coordinated trips in a simple, centralized platform with logical navigation.

Traveloti has been a client of Devshop for over a year, with three successful platforms launched. Building Traveloti gave us a tremendous amount of insight into dealing with non technical client. They came to us with a terrific foundation of what they wanted and what needed to be done, and our successful collaboration led to great success. Since the initial build, Traveloti has gone on to partner with a number of large travel experts and agencies, and assisted in booking trips all over the world. They've rolled out new products with us beyond just the initial MVP and grown into a large scale platform that we serve as CTO for. Visitors to the website can now easily find what they are looking for, and together, Devshop and Traveloti have built a better way to book travel.

Mike Zeldes
Mike Zeldes CEO & Founder, Traveloti

The DevShop team are not only excellent developers but always willing to go the extra mile to get the job done. We were thrilled with the work they did on www.traveloti.com and have continued to shine in the additional projects they are working on for us.

Arun and his talented team have become more than vendors for our firm, they are business partners who strive for excellence and adding value for the work they do. I strongly recommend the Devshop team and would welcome anyone who wants to speak to me directly.

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