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Bringing property management into the 21st century

Almost half of adults living in the United States rent their homes, and the majority of those renters are under the age of 30. This demographic includes millennial's whose iPhones are an appendage, and young adults who rarely (or never) address an envelope or write a check. The creators of Tenlor were among this demographic of young professionals living in rent-centric New York City and lamenting the arduous process of paying their rent every month via handwritten check. They didn't know their landlords name, and any communication between landlord and tenant was difficult to impossible. They began asking the question, why is it that such a large number of property management companies, whether they manage one unit or an 800 plus apartment community, still use an antiquated system for accepting applications, signing leases, and receiving rent? They recognized the need for a simple platform that could elevate communication between landlords and tenants to a process fit for a modern generation of renters.

Bringing property management to a modern age

Devshop was tasked with building a platform that would not only simplify the lives of tenants applying and paying for their apartments, but serve as a digital management center for properties to operate. While technology options existed for elements of the rental and property management operations, they were spread out among multiple platforms. Transferring tenant information between multiple platforms was inefficient and costly. A program that integrated the vast quantity of information required from tenants would not only eliminate unnecessary paperwork but would cut down on time spent managing units for landlords.


Designed with the user in mind

A more efficient system would require a sleek design that didn't overwhelm the user with options, bells and whistles. Many of the users converting to Tenlor on the landlord side were less familiar with technical options for managing property. They had used the same physical paper filing system for 30 years, so why should they switch things up now? The goal of Tenlor became to build a user friendly platform that appealed to both older landlords and younger tenants. The website had to be easy to navigate, simple to explain, and cleanly organized to avoid an overflow of information. A subscription based model provided the "set it and forget it" aspect that has become the standard among other industries. Depending on the number of units a landlord manages, they can choose between four options on Tenlor. Tenants can use one login for everything from selecting and applying for a unit, to signing their lease and submitting maintenance requests.

Working with property managers and renters to receive their input on the necessary elements of the platform, Devshop developed a one of a kind software to bring these outdated processes into the 21st century. The site now operates with users all over the country, and makes the lives of both renters and tenants easier.

Lajja Shah
Lajja Shah CEO, Tenlor

Building a website that effectively promotes your business, aligns with your brand, and fulfills the needs of your customers requires more than just technical support. With Devshop I found a team that was willing to go above and beyond to create a final product that exceeded my expectations. They helped me formulate my vision, design and build my website, and contributed a huge amount to the success of my business.

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