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Telehealth Solution for Nutrition Counseling

Part of the reason that Devshop places such a high value on open communication in the development process is because after several years in the industry, we have seen the pitfalls of not operating as a collaborative unit. One such case came to us after pivoting from a previous developer and idea. Jackie, the mind behind TelaDietician, had parted ways with her previous developer and needed a team to quickly pick up and adapt to the project at hand. The vision for TelaDietician was to create a secure and convenient platform that would connect qualified nutritionists throughout the country with patients who needed their help, via videoconference or phone call. The need for clear and constant contact between client and development team was especially critical for TelaDietician because the project needed to be completed in a limited time frame. The launch of the website was timed to capitalize on new legislation that allowed dietician consults to be covered under insurance, and prior to it's official launch the site needed to reach specific milestones for presentations and pitches. Despite the expedited time frame, the site needed to be reliable and solidly built in order to meet client expectations.

Creating a Secure Platform

When Jackie came to us she had a presentation with her business plan, and a goal of creating a way for more people to live, eat, and be healthy with the help of qualified nutritionists. Devshop hit the ground running building out a platform that would connect patients of all ages who were suffering from conditions like diabetes and high cholesterol to a nutritionist of their choosing. We began by creating a detailed sign up feature that would allow patients to provide a comprehensive overview of their health history. We built out a search feature for finding nutritionists that fit the patients needs, and created a way for them to easily connect and coordinate an appointment, as well as a dashboard to host the vast amount of information exchanged between patient and nutritionist.


Overcoming Obstacles

One of the obstacles that Devshop faced was ensuring that TeladDietician was built on a hipaa compliant server. When operating within the realm of people's health and personal information, safety and security have to be a top priority. In additional, Devshop had to ensure that meetings between patients and nutritionists was being properly tracked and managed to ensure a smooth process.

Devshop stayed on call to Jackie throughout the process of building the website, ready to pivot as needed by adding or removing certain features of TelaDietician. Working together with Jackie we were able to build a complete platform with more than just the ability to aid in communication between nutritionist and patients, but to organize their health and wellness. Currently, TelaDietican is performing well in a pilot as it prepares to launch to the public and serves as the premier telehealth solution for nutrition counseling.

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