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Loyalty Rewards Programs For the Fitness Loyals

"Put your thoughts, effort, and resistance aside and let the universe work on your behalf. If you are relaxing, you are receiving" - Baron Baptiste, renowned yoga instructor. A philosophy that applies to both the practice of yoga, and the concept behind Loyalsnap; a website committed to rewarding customers for attending classes at participating fitness studios. With Loyalsnap, customers receive free and discounted rewards in addition to the benefits of attending a studio's classes. No other loyalty program like this existed, and with a rise in popularity of these types of classes, the market was ready for this concept. Gavin saw this opportunity and approached Devshop with his idea for a loyalty program that targeted customers who visit studio classes like yoga, pilates, and barre.

Connecting The Users

What would be the simplest way for fitness studios to provide their customers with benefits for attending classes? How would Loyalsnap promote their program, while also allowing the participating studios to customize their rewards offered to customers? The creator of Loyalsnap worked together with Devshop to determine the scale and scope of the project, as well as refine the functionality of the website.

The Devshop team began by creating a simple, clean UI/UX design for the Loyalsnap website to introduce the concept of the rewards program. Built on ruby on rails, the website needed to integrate seamlessly with the MindBody API. MindBody allows for customers to register, reserve and pay for classes at specific studios. The customer data received from this API would determine the number of points allotted to each customer on Loyalsnap, a feature that supported the whole concept of the website. Using the MindBody API to connect with these classes and people required Devshop to work closely with MindBody to refine their API. In order to successfully pull data, our team helped MindBody rebuild many of their API data points and ultimately enhance their processes for integration.


Customizable throughout

On top of this website, Devshop also built out an easily customizable platform that would allow Gavin to simply create sub domains when onboarding new studios, providing their own page for customers to visit. The basic layout of each of these sub domains remains consistent throughout, but offered studios the option to customize their subdomain with their specific colors, logo and branding. With the ability to offer studios customizable sites, the founders of Loyalsnap were able to successfully market their idea and promote it to various studios in the New York City area. They currently have participating studios throughout New York City, and are expanding rapidly.

Devshop followed a consistent process when developing Loyalsnap that involved frequent communication and collaborative meetings between the founder and the developers assigned to the project in order to ensure that deliverables were being met and the application was being built to align with their vision. Direct lines of communication provided the necessary pivoting and instruction to meet specific checkpoints in the build. Prioritizing sprints helped achieve success in the designated timeline, despite obstacles faced when working with the API.

Gavin Apter
Gavin Apter CEO & Founder, Loyalsnap

The idea for Loyalsnap was three parted. Our goal was to create a place that would increase purchases, increase referrals, and convert customers for loyal fitness class attendees. Working with Devshop, we were not only able to create our vision for this platform, but went on to expand on the original idea and grow our business.

Behind The Curtain
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