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Do You Even Blog?

Do You Even Blog?


Do You Even Blog?

Posted by: Paul D'Angelo

Wednesday, Dec 7th, 2016

Blogging. Why on earth do we do it? Do we really have THAT much interesting information to share? Is it really necessary to constantly bombard the internet with more hot takes, insights, and opinions from "experts"? Why does our marketing BOSS Lizzie constantly harass us for new posts, even though I literally just wrote one like, 4 months ago? Does it actually help our business?

While the quality of the content and the resulting noise from so many people oversharing every thought and opinion is a topic for a much lengthier discussion that we can tackle in another post, the act of consistently posting new content is extremely beneficial, and you should all be so lucky to have a star like Lizzie on your team! (I swear she didn't pay me to say any of this.) Posting new content improves your search rankings when bots crawl and index your site, and keywords in your posts can help drive traffic as well.

In addition to the direct benefits, content plays an important role in giving your brand a voice, and can help solidify yourself as a thought leader in your industry, assuming you are on the right side of the above comment regarding quality content and not just noise. So how do you manage to put out consistent insights without recycling the same ideas, wrapping them in different buzz words and adding to the noise? First, create a realistic schedule, and then put a system in place such that you will have a backlog for when people miss their deadlines (it's inevitable). Next, have people write about things they are NOT familiar with, but want to learn about. Sharing your own learning experiences is a great way to reinforce your own knowledge and ensures the content will be easily digestible for most readers.

Finally, embrace the process! Writing content can be a tedious, stressful experience that is to be avoided whenever possible, but it doesn't have to be. Too often the day to day grind of our jobs (and lives) make it difficult for us to continue pursuing knowledge and learning, and I personally think that the role technology has had in putting virtually unlimited information at our fingertips has actually made us less knowledgeable, but we can save that for another discussion. Use the chore of writing for your company as an opportunity to explore new ideas. Who knows, you may learn something! At the very least you will make Lizzie happy, and that's definitely worth it.

Paul D'Angelo

Meet The Author

Paul D'Angelo / Director of business Development

A born and raised Long Islander and Mets fan, Paul can completely understand how people hate on New Jersey, while still appreciating it and its inhabitants. He was first bitten by the entrepreneurial bug at the age of 9 when he got his first paper route, and has been hooked ever since. With little interest in the traditional corporate environment, Paul spent the early part of his career in the service industry, working at some of the top steakhouses in NYC while obtaining his MBA from CUNY Baruch. Paul had his "a-ha!" moment while looking for a tool to help him track his tips so he could save. Disappointed with the available options, he decided he could do better, and built Just the Tips, a free, easy and ad-free tool for tipped workers to track their income. With the successful launch of Just the Tips(phrasing), he realized his true calling, and joined Devshop to help others bring their ideas to life. When he's not working on Just the Tips or Devshop, he enjoys hanging out and throwing parties on his roof in Astoria, reading, quoting South Park Archer Family Guy and Anchorman to name a few, cooking, fine spirits, watching the Mets be awesome, and dominating any and all challengers in Mario Kart, SNES version, naturally.